Student voice and choice in a personalised learning context – wordle

As a Collaborative Literacy Learning Community how can we continue the conversation around student voice and choice. This wordle represents some of our thoughts & questions around student voice. I encourage you to add a post to this blog about the opportunities you create that involve students.
Wordle: Untitled

Contemporary Literacies – what are our understandings?

Wordle: CLLC 2011

If you click on the image it will bring up a larger image for you to read.
The following Wordle was used on May 16, 2011 as a prompt to initiate discussion amongst the group of teachers exploring Contemporary Literacies as part of the research. In our discussion we also referred to the Contemporary Learning Schema and discussed Contemporary Literacies that involve:

  • Developing culturally relevant and valued literate practices
  • Creating and interacting with print, non-print and multimodal texts
  • Engaging critically and effectively in a multimodal world
  • Communicating appropriately in a range of social contexts

As we shared and challenged our understandings we reflected on some examples of contemporary literacies in actions.  These included a teacher blog where student learning at her school is published. In this blog we see examples of students developing deeper understandings about self, others and the world. These students explore multiple perspectives and influences as they engage in group conversations using voicethread.

We also viewed short video clips of a teacher providing learning opportunities that are explicit and scaffolded. In these clips, the teacher supported students in developing  a metalanguage for identifying language patterns and structures in an information report. We also engaged in a thinking routine ‘colour, symbol & image’ from the Visible Thinking website. We reflected on the use of this thinking routine with the picture book ‘The Island’, by Armin Greder.

What ongoing reflections can you share so that we can continue our conversation about Contemporary Literacies?