Cohort 2

Despite a few technical issues, our June afternoon training session around Blackboard Collaborate ran relatively smoothly, with all teachers getting a chance to test their laptop, Java installation and headsets and to participate in the web conferencing space.

After checking that they could enter the Blackboard Collaborate session, teachers then tested their audio and microphones. Remember that apart from checking that the laptops of all teacher participants in the 15 August web conference have Java installed, you will need to check the audio and mics for all teacher participants prior to 15 August. It is critical that teachers participating on 15 August have headsets.

2 thoughts on “Cohort 2

  1. We are enthusiastic about the fact that St Louis is currently participating in many intiatives and ideas presented in the CLLC reading. Current practices in place at St Louis include walkthroughs, peer observations and CITLP (customised individual teacher learning plans).
    We are also excited about the prospect of global interactions.

    We are currently investigating our Catholic Identity and ways of becoming a better dialogical school. We can see links that will allow many of the aboriginal perspectives to not only filter through literacy but in our religious lessons and other curriculum areas as well.

    This project has also allowed a greater connectivity between the level five and six teachers and stimulated a rich dialogue which has enabled individuals to voice their opinions. The discussions that were engendered within the team have provoked a challenge to change the planning and format of PALT’s.

  2. jan
    1:42 PM
    It was great to have the chance to look at the cross curriculum perspectives. The 5 F’s helped us to look deeper than we normall do I think.
    1:46 PM
    I agree Jan, and we have taken on board some of the resources mentiioned in the earlier chat. Thanks to those schools.
    Cathy #2
    1:47 PM
    Well said Jan. We really need to widen the range of resources we use to further explore cross curriculem priorities
    1:48 PM
    It really made us more aware of resources to use in our inquiry units – we were able to add Rabbits and the poem Song of Hope to our last terms unit to further enrich it especially ensuring an indigenious perspective

    Amalia OLOP #2

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