Cohort 1

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  1. Having had a look at where our school is regarding the inclusion of the ATSI priority, we have discovered that there are several gaps that we intend to address.
    At Yr 7 there is some explicit evidence of this priority as students are exposed to a unit on Myths and Legends of which some are of Aboriginal origin. Nevertheless, there is still room to include some more of these legends. This morning’s session has provided us with a wealth of resources that we can use particularly the Dust Echoes visual texts.
    As for Yrs 8 to 10, we have made some notes that we need to share with the English Faculty that we hope will enable the ATSI content to be a greater priority.
    It was refreshing to hear Mary’s suggestions on how we can provide a rich and powerful context for our students so that we can contribute to closing the gap.

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