The Future of Learning: Mobile, Connected, Collaborative – talk by Kim Cofino

In this talk Kim Cofino (currently working as a Technology and learning coach in Japan) shares her thoughts about the possibilities and potential of our globally connected future. Her metaphors are thought provoking and offer us some ideas for our own learning and the learning opportunities for our students. What are your thoughts?

3 thoughts on “The Future of Learning: Mobile, Connected, Collaborative – talk by Kim Cofino

  1. The points that were discussed in our group were the idea of ‘just in time’ for both students and teachers. The other point discussed was being adaptable and just because it has worked before with one cohort of students does not mean it will work again. In being adaptable new learning is gained.

  2. Our Triad agreed that education has not been confined to the classroom. In our community, teachers engage students outside of the classroom (as do their parents) through the use of blogs, wikis and the myclasses pages. Teachers now should be collaborating globally, to engage the children outside of their community using the technology that children are using. We agree with the blending of the best of the old and the best of the new for flexibility to cater for individual learning.

  3. Kim Cofino’s talk outlined many words that connected with what we are aiming to achieve at St. Francis Xavier. The stand out words for us were adaptable, flexible, collaborative, and customisable,. These words legitimise the learning tasks we set for our students. Our Inquiry units allow for student collaboration and can be adapted as the unit progresses, students are able to customise their learning to their strengths. Through our school production just in time learning is a reality. These processes all begin with teacher collaboration and a clear vision of student outcomes.

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